Sunday, November 21, 2010

So we have been talkin about this idea and here is what we have heard

So I am hearing more and more folks that I come across that are expressing the desire to have more Experience in their story telling.  From the idea of having an online paper distributed by twitter that aggregate data based upon a library of terms like Condo, Running, or shoes.  This model is just emerging

As I listen to them I can hear the words forming in the back of the their thoughts at the sub conscience level.

"Ima gona do a Social-Media-Mentary"

And, when I bring it up~  the smile says all I need to see. Yep and then beholding the sparks going off inside the dynamicof their former flatline model to the mulitverse and connected to everyone.

I am looking forward to talking about a few of the models and of course we need to hear from readers what you are doing. From groups, to gatherings,  to social or civil issues in your community there is no boundary when you move to the Co-Creation model

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